Have you ever seem a symbol like this? If you have, you probably think it is the devil don’t you? Well, unfortunately you’ve been mislead. This is the Baphomet. A very old and taboo symbol that has been used for thousands of years. What you think you know about this symbol is more than likely wrong.

If you’ve ever studied Hitler in school, you’ll know that the symbol for the Nazi party was originally a symbol for peace. Hitler stole this symbol and made it into a symbol for anti semitism. The same thing has happened for the Baphomet symbol. Satanism and the Church of Satan have taken the Baphomet and glorified it as a symbol for satan worship. In Satanism, the Baphomet is used to talk to Satan and is often used during rituals. The real meaning of the Baphomet is very different.

The Baphomet is really a symbol for balance. It’s goat head and human body represent a balance between instinct and knowledge. It’s arms read “as is above” and “as is below” which are the basic principles of Hermes, the greek god of thievery and messaging. The Baphomet also embodies the inverse image of Pan, the greek god of nature. This represents the separation of man and nature being a lie. That there is no separation between man and god. This is also called the gold soul theory. The light that shines around the Baphomet’s head, and the torch that sticks out of it, represent the golden aura of Jesus, Buddha, Jah, etc.

Finally, the Baphomet symbol represents the balance of all human Chakras. That the human will act based on instinct and knowledge, not on predetermined social laws and ridiculous motives. The Baphomet is the perfect human in the eyes of a human that thinks for themself. If you consider yourself a Baphomet, you can do drugs and help out the homeless at the same time. You can scream “fuck the police” and protest for equality at the same time. You have no social restrictions. You, along with everyone else on the planet, are a small piece of god. You decide what is right and what is wrong, and you think for yourself.

As you can see, the Baphomet is not the devil. It is an ideology that many people are proud to live by. Just because it’s a scary looking goat thing, doesn’t mean it’s a satanic symbol.

(via awkwardtactics)


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